Frequently asked questions

When will the ECEC Special take place?

The ECEC Special: The Road to the Whistleblowing Directive will take place between the 16th and 25th of March 2021 starting at 09:30 am CET. The ECEC Conference will take place at October 6th 2021.


Desktop, laptop or mobile phone + stable internet connection. To experience the full range of functions of the ECEC Special, we recommend using a desktop computer and to not use Internet Explorer and ensure you are not connected to the VPN or have any firewall restrictions. The platform works best with Google Chrome.

How DO I ACCESS the Live EVent?

  1. To enter the live event please login to the event platform here:
  2. Enter the email address with which you have registered for the event
  3. A verififcation code will be send to you email address. Copy the code and paste it in the respective field

Please note: The platform works best with Google Chrome. More information on the minimum operating requirements forthe event platform:

What should I do if I cannot connect to the live platform?

Please make sure that you switch off your VPN connection and check any firewall restrictions. An existing VPN connection can lead to complications of participation.

WILL the SESSIONS BE recorded? / WILL they BE available offline? / What do I do if I miss a SESSION?

The sessions will be recorded and published after the event has taken place. By registering in advance for the event, you ensure access to the recorded sessions. This way you can watch any missed lectures at any time.

Who can I contact at short notice if I have technical questions or ISSUES?

You can contact us by mail:

We will try to answer and help you as soon as possible.

Do I have to register again separately for the breakout sessions?

No. When you register for the event, you are automatically registered for the Breakout Sessions.