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About ECEC

The European Compliance and Ethics Conference (ECEC) is one of the largest events dedicated to ethics and compliance topics. The annual conference is one of the major events by the European Compliance and Ethics Community – a platform that brings together compliance and ethics professionals from across Europe and beyond.

ECEC 2022 - A world forced to be good?

Or are trust and understanding enough?

The topics at the ECEC are far-reaching and diverse. They have changed little over the years: compliance and ethics of course remain evergreens in our community.

On the one hand, discussions revolve around creating an understanding of the value of transparency and associated behavior. Trust plays a vital role as it acts as the cornerstone of a good and honest world. But on the other hand, it is important to ask what role integrity and resilience play. Should they be leveraged much more? And how strong are they really?

At this year’s ECEC, we look at all contributions from the following perspectives:

  • The creation of understanding and the promotion of trust.
  • The value of transparency.
  • Whether integrity and resilience are the strongest force for bringing good into the world.

Our Com­mu­nity

The European Compliance and Ethics Community was initiated by Munich-based company EQS Group to bring together people from the compliance and ethics world under one platform. This way, we aim to foster a community that believes in integrity, transparency, and ethics. 

One of the ways in which we do this is by hosting the European Compliance and Ethics Conference. Our goal is not only to educate the compliance community on latest trends, but also to build a strong network aimed at actively engaging and sharing trends. After only two years, ECEC is now Europe’s largest conference focused on compliance and ethics.

From complying with regulations to creating a culture of transparency to conducting ethical business and other Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) topics, ECEC is a venue where the latest developments from these industries are discussed.

You can also be part of the European Compliance and Ethics Community by attending the ECEC conference. Join our growing community on LinkedIn and engage with the members to strengthen the collective. 

our Work

The first conference took place in 2020 as a one-day, purely virtual event and garnered about 5,000 registrations. In its second edition in 2021, the two-day virtual conference saw as many as 6,000 registrations. The third edition of ECEC is much larger in scale: with a two-day virtual event, we aim for 10,000 registrations and two action-packed days of interactive sessions.

Previously, ECEC 2022 was planned in a hybrid format with an on-site event in Munich. Due to growing concerns about Covid-19 pandemic and in the wake of upcoming regulations in Germany, the conference will now be held as a fully virtual event.

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5 reasons why you should attend ECEC

Inspiring keynotes
Latest trends and updates
Meet our community and grow your network
Local breakout sessions
Inspiring keynotes
Latest trends and updates
Meet our community and grow your network
Local breakout sessions
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