Jadranka Orešković

Attorney-at-Law / Partner

Jadrankais an Attorney at Law with more than 13 years of working experience.

Jadranka provides top-level day-to-day legal support and advises foreign and domestic organizations on all aspects of their business. In particular, Jadranka has extensive experience in various employment and social security law matters.

Jadranka’s expertise is corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, and regulatory matters. She has advised numerous international companies in relation to acquisitions of businesses in a variety of industries, including energy and pharmaceuticals. In her day-to-day business, she advises international and domestic clients on a wide range of corporate and commercial matters.  In her daily work, she combines an international perspective that comes from advising clients from many different countries with a very good local support. For such clients, she often serves as a link between foreign headquarters and their local companies.

Jadranka is fluent in Croatian and English, with basicknowledge of Italian.

After obtaining her Law degree at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb and passing her Barexam in 2010, she has completed her master degree in Leadership at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb. Prior to establishing her Law firm, Jadranka was a Senior Partner and the Head of Legal at Deloitte Legal Croatia.