Wendy Addison

Founder and CEO
SpeakOut SpeakUp Ltd.

Standing up for the values that support her principles Wendy attempted to report malfeasance, committed by the joint CEOs, internally but was met with purposeful obfuscation. Demonstrating courage and a willingness to endure the danger of being exposed, Wendy took a moral stand against bribery and corruption and blew the whistle externally. Her whistleblowing case is now recognised as ‘South Africa’s Enron’, the biggest corporate scandal in South Africa’s history.

Wendy's story is a human story of courage and endurance, of hope and justice. It covers many valuable teaching moments, including the psychological conflict of Speaking Up, the challenge for leaders to Listen Up, the importance of intra group dynamics and the long term emotional pain of shame and regret for those who feel disempowered to act.

Wendy founded SpeakOut SpeakUp Ltd, a storytelling consultancy and training company in 2012 which provides training, lectures and talks to move people towards Courageous Conversations.

Additionally, Wendy is a lecturer at Surrey University and Warwick Business School, is a contributing member of the UNCAC Coalition, the Corruption Research Group of the Surrey University and sits on the advisory board of the Whistleblowing Research Unit which runs the International Whistleblowing Research Network at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom.